Zambians Should Not Be Duped By PF Bullying And Propaganda Tactics – Mucheleka

Zambians Should Not Be Duped By PF Bullying And Propaganda Tactics – Mucheleka

Patrick Mucheleka

*6th April 2021*


We have noted a growing trend where the PF are behaving like a boxer who declares they are winning a contest by tying the hands and legs of their opponents in the boxing ring.

We have also noted a heightened PF propaganda machinery abusing state owned Zambia National Broadcast Corporation (ZNBC) where they are daily parading huge numbers of fake defectors from the UPND to join PF. This is an exhibition of desperation, insecurity and lack of confidence for a party that claims so called unprecedented popularity.

And while they are freely holding their mobilisation meetings around the country, our space is being tightened as our members keep on being blocked and arrested by the police for carrying out party activities around the country.

Just yesterday, a lot of our people were arrested in Eastern Province for merely sensitising citizens to verify their voters registration details as demanded by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

Media houses are also getting scared to host our members as PF thugs are attacking radio stations and intimidating media personnel who host opposition political party officials.

Zambians should not be intimidated by allowing the PF to create a more repressive regime than they have already done so far.

It’s not a secret that senior PF leaders are on record of saying they wanted to create a one party state in Zambia.

In fact, had it not been the resilience and strength of the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and his team, by now PF would have managed to cripple and whip all citizens into accepting a one party dictatorship.

PF have so far created an environment where if one does not support them, they are basically regarded as outcasts who don’t deserve any form of opportunities. To lure the people into submission, they have dished out cash to those who want immediate benefits and financial relief especially with the damaged economy now.

We call on citizens not to be duped and bullied by PF corruption money and propaganda using state institutions such as ZNBC and other private surrogate media outlets

Go and get your money which they have been stealing from you and use it for temporal relief, but let’s all gang up and boot them out for a better economic programme that favours everyone. The water melon strategy must now be in full operation.

*Patrick Mucheleka*
*UPND Deputy Secretary General*

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