What Happened at Shibuyunji Was an Act of Terrorism by the PF Regime. 

By Anthony Bwalya

President Edgar Lungu has brought shame and ridicule on the Presidency by allowing critical public institutions of governance to be used as platforms for violence and terror against innocent citizens.

The recent terror attack on a village in Shibuyunji, purportedly under the pretext that a village household belonging to the cousins of Mrs. Mutinta Hichilema was harbouring offensive weapons, is yet another example of the recklessness and the lack of exercise of good judgement and common sense by a Patriotic Front (PF) regime intent on holding on to political power by all means necessary – including by terrorising citizens.

We note that the PF regime have systematically been abusing public institutions to intimidate, brutalize and terrorise the Hichilema household, as a way to silence the voice of democracy in Zambia.

And going by their own signed exit note, it has been established that the police officers who raided this innocent village homestead at Shibuyunji, in fact found no indication of any purported weapons at the location, despite digging up the whole area in search of imaginary weapons.

It is also believed, that the government mercenaries who terrorised a whole village under a dirty search warrant were sent to plant weapons at the village establishment in Shibuyunji, in an attempt to falsely frame and implicate Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, in crimes he or indeed his entire family have no knowledge or involvement in.

President Lungu has a duty and responsibility to ensure that the power vested in the state is not arbitrarily used to brutalize and reign terror on Zambian citizens while he – the Commander In Chief pays a blind eye.

We urge President Lungu to immediately summon the Home Affairs Minister, Mr. Stephen Kampyongo, to explain why an army of heavily armed police officers were dispatched to Shibuyunji to terrorise and brutalize a whole village under false information.

Zambia is a Christian nation and we believe in justice for all.

Therefore, an injustice done to one innocent citizen injures and violates the conscience of the whole nation, and we all have a responsibility to fix it.

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