Voters Express High Expectation for Ethiopia after Election

Voters Express High Expectation for Ethiopia after Election

Addis Ababa April 8/2021 (ENA) Voters in Addis Ababa hope peace and unity would prevail after the upcoming general election.

 Speaking to ENA, Shito Tilahun expressed her hope that the post-election period would be  peaceful and the people will stand united, aspiring for prosperity of the country.

According to her, tensions and conflicts in some parts of the country and inflation are among the serious challenges that she hoped the 6th General Election would resolve.

She stressed that peace is the most essential element that needs to given priority above all things.

“We want a government elected by the people and which rules the country in peace. A government that alleviates poverty. We don’t want our country to be called poor. What we want is a self reliant country,” Shito elaborated.

The election would enable Ethiopia to get a democratically elected government that leads the people effectively, maintains peace and order, and promotes development, the resident stressed.

Qalkidan Ababu on her part reiterated the paramount importance of the upcoming general election to solve the country’s existing problems.

Noting the presence of a conducive environment for citizens to freely exercise their rights in the 6th General Election, she said that she is lucky to participate in the election.

“I am happy to take a voter card ahead of time. I will exercise my right by voting since my one vote has a value,” she noted.  

Qalkidan pointed out that Ethiopians need to contribute their part to the general election by actively participating in the election.

Shemelis Kebede on his part stressed the importance of the upcoming general election hoping the outcome of the election would bring overall development and improvement in the country.

“I hope and expect from this general election that the people would elect a party that will  improve the living standards of the people through maintaining peace and managing conflicts,”  he added.   

Shemelis stated that all citizens need to actively participate and exercise their rights during the election in order to create a better future devoid of poverty.

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