UPND supporters are fatigued with the self-centred leadership of Hakainde Hichilema

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A local Non-Governmental Organisation has charged that a lot of people in the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) are fatigued with the self-centred leadership of Hakainde Hichilema.

The Network for Young People Against Violence Executive Director Moses Kalonde has said that Mr. Hichilema is too self-centred as an individual to be entrusted with the national leadership position and that most of his supporters are tired of his leadership.

Mr. Kalonde has said in an interview that the recent defections of key individuals from the opposition UPND to the ruling Patriotic Front and their reasons for ditching Mr. Hichilema and the party they once swore to always serve are evidence to that fact.

He said that it would be a wise thing for Mr. Hichilema to pave way for someone else to take over because he has been rejected by the Zambian people five times since he first attempted to contest for the presidency.

Mr. Kalonde said that it is unfortunate that Mr. Hichilema is fond of complaining about his votes being stolen whenever he loses elections when in fact he had failed to control more than three out of the ten provinces of Zambia which are largely PF strongholds.

“A lot of people are tired of his leadership. Let him emulate seasoned politicians like Kabwata Member of Parliament Hon. Given Lubinda who is leaving the stage whilst people are still clapping after declaring that he is not going defend his Parliamentary seat in the upcoming August 12 General Elections,” Mr. Kalonde said.

He said Mr. Hichilema lacks political acumen and strategy hence he is no longer inspiring anyone going by his selfish statements where he keeps portraying an image of being the sole messiah of the nation when leadership is supposed to be collective efforts.

“How can he say Bally Will Fix It when leadership is supposed to be about teamwork? If Mr. Hichilema can behave like this whilst in opposition, God forbid but what more if he was to be given the instruments of power? He will be a dictator,” Mr. Kalonde added.

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