UPND Poor leadership will cost them elections in August-Katele Kalumba

UPND Poor leadership will cost them elections in August-Katele Kalumba

A veteran politician Katele Kalumba has said that the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has created a foundation for a loss in this year’s elections because of poor leadership.

Dr Kalumba who is also former Minister of Finance under the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) regime, said that UPND has a dictatorial kind of leadership that is why some people have opted to defect because they are not comfortable.

In an interview with PF media team, Dr Kalumba said that the Party should not blame anyone when it loses elections.

Dr Kalumba said that influential people like Mr. Charles Kakoma and Mbabala Constituency Member of Ephraim Belemu have left the party because they are not happy with what is happening.

Dr Kalumba said that the playing field has been leveled for all political parties, so its loss in this year’s election has been necessitated by the leadership.

“So we expect them not to cause any chaos after losing because themselves have created this losing foundation.
We do not want to see them create conditions of instability,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kalumba said that many people in Southern Province did not register because they are tired of voting for someone who does win elections.

Dr. Kalumba said that people have vowed not to register in numbers because they know that the person they have been voting for will not win even this time around.

“What you have seen in some provinces where people have not registered like what has been done in other provinces is because they are tired to vote for someone who cannot win an election,” he said.

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