UPND and PF Youths Leaders Resolve Buseko Market Discrimination Dispute Amicably

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The United Party for National Development (UPND) Lusaka District youth leader, Archristius Mwanakayaya is happy with the way the Buseko Market issue involving a UPND youth was resolved, when Patritic Front (PF) cadres from Buseko Market closed a shop belonging to Naomi a UPND youth about three days ago.

According to the UPND media team, Noami’s shop was closed because PF cadres spotted Naomi escorting one of UPND aspiring candidates for Matero constituency.

After a tip-off that PF cadres have continued to harass marketeers and are planning to get ride of all UPND supporters and sympathisers, UPND Luska district youth leader rushed to Matero police and demanded that there be a dialogue between two parties on the issue to which the police agreed.

After a long heated dialogue, it was agreed and resolved that the young lady in question be allowed to trade in the market freely. Further, it was agreed that her shop be opened immediately and so it was.

During all the discussions, the PF youth chairperson for the Matero constituency, Kowa was magnanimous enough to agree with the UPND team on how youths should treat each other especially when it is the time for elections.

Mr Mwanakayaya later said that what was witnessed is how leaders should behave. He says it was important to engage each other whenever there are issues affecting followers of both parties without resorting to fighting.

Mwanakayaya further commended UPND youths who have shown maximum restraints even amidst provocation during and after this process.

Mr Mwanakayaya was accompanied by: Lusaka district security led by Mubita Mundia, Matero constituency youth chairperson, Chrispine Kapeya and his team, Joe Boma and other youths

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