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UK weather: Freak cold snap to last all week as mercury plunges to chilling -2C

The mercury is set to plunge as a freak May cold snap grips the country from Wednesday, seeing a return to sub zero temperatures for many.

May’s Bank Holiday smashed records this weekend when it became the coldest ever recorded.

Freezing temperatures hit many parts of the country with a biting -5.9C recorded at Kinbrace in the Highlands in Scotland.

And to add to the cold weather misery a severe weather warning for wind was also in force yesterday as gales and heavy showers lashed many parts of the UK.

Now, temperatures are again set to dip below zero today as Brits brace for yet more bitingly cold weather along with widespread showers.

People out shopping in the wet weather
More rainfall is predicted in many regions today

Those living in the north of England and parts of Scotland will see the coldest weather as the mercury plunges below freezing by early Wednesday.

Lows of 0C will also grip parts of Scotland in the early morning and by the evening, and into Thursday northern areas will see the mercury drop to minus 2 C.

Though not as heavy as the winter snow pictured here, there has been unseasonable snowfall this month

Temperature map of the UK
It will be a bitingly cold start to the day

The Met Office says the freak cold air had moved across the south dragging the temperatures down to between 2C and 4C.

A spokeswoman for the Met Office said: “We are likely to see some frosts overnight, quite widespread, so away from towns and cities, even for central and some southern areas there could be some localised frosts with temperatures dipping below freezing.

A woman walks over Millennium Bridge during strong wind
The poor weather is expected to continue all week

Weather for the UK
There will be plenty of showers

“If you are in London, then you are looking at three, four or five degrees overnight, but if you are out in rural areas, you may well see those temperatures dip, particularly for central and northern areas.”

Forecasters said the cold weather is expected to continue into this week and more snow could strike hill regions.

It comes after the white stuff fell in some parts of northern and central England last night.

Simon Partridge, a forecaster, said: “Some of it could stick around on the ground for the next few days but in areas such as Manchester it’s rather warm underground so it should fizzle out by midnight.

“It’s obviously not the most common occurrence for this time of year but it does happen and it certainly caught some people out.

“Those driving near to Snowdonia and other areas of high ground should certainly keep an eye out and be careful on the roads.”

Mr Partridge said the average temperature for May was around 16C (60.8F) in England.



A mixture of sunny spells and scattered showers, some heavy with hail and thunder in a few places. Some snow likely on hills, perhaps also to low levels across northern Scotland at first. Feeling cold, though winds easing.


Showers mostly dying out. Clear spells for many, allowing a sharp frost in places. Rain affecting northern Scotland with snow on hills, whilst rain affects the far south of England.


Rain and hill snow moving south across Scotland. Rain in the far south of England clearing. Elsewhere, sunny spells with a few showers developing.

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