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Ugo monye fashion styles for men of class in the society

For the fashionable man who loves agbada, and other men fashion styles, ugo monye presents the “reale collection”, a catalogue of men’s fashion styles that suits all classes of men in the society.

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Self-proclaimed tailoring company Ugo Monye is one among Nigeria’s top fashion brands, known for its trendsetting styles and attires designed exclusively for fashion forward individuals.

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The pieces from the rising brand are worn by a couple of celebrities including Jidenna, Joke Silva, Alex Ekubo, Gbenro Ajibade among others.

The Reale Collection may be a three-piece robe collection inspired by the Agbada – a Nigerian traditional attire. Reale is an Italian word sense Royal, and it encapsulates the essence of the gathering.

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A lot of men find it difficult to wear and handle Agbada thanks to its bulky nature but this collection introduces the open robe concept which is straightforward and classy.

The Reale collection may be a fusion of silk, cotton and wool fabrics. It’s for the bold, ambitious and powerful man who is all about tradition yet desires comfort and elegance.

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