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Traditional Outfit Rules Every Man Should Know

Africans are richly blessed with traditional outfits. We have numerous outfits for both men and women. While it seems that women have preferential treatment when it comes to clothing, many men have become victims of fashion mistakes without knowing.

We have traditional outfit rules that you should know if you are a male:

General Rule:

Do not leave your trouser to sweep the ground when you walk. The length of your trousers should sit on top of your shoes.

You can rock your native wear top with linen pants, jeans, and dark chino.

What You Should Wear

We see many men rock different types of footwear when they wear their outfits. 

Some of the footwear is not appropriate for our traditional outfits.

The Footwear

Stay away from rocking simple traditional outfits with any type of lace-up shoes or dress shoes. Monstrap dress shoe suits former or business casual traditional outfits.

That people are using socks on their shoes when they rock their traditional outfits does not make it right.

However, you can make use of half socks to handle perspiration, sweat, and stink. This is acceptable if people do not see the socks. Running shoes, canvas shoes, and sports shoes are not ideal for your traditional outfits.

It might look presentable, but the outfit is wrong. That is a capital NO for us. If you want to look fashionable, you can use your sneakers, slippers, or running shoes, but they are not stylish or right for you. The exception to this fashion rule is when you rock your tunic top or traditional outfit top with jeans, pants, or casual trousers.

Do not rock your traditional outfit with leather slippers for weddings or any formal event. You can use it for casual business meetings, hanging out with events, or stepping out in a simple look.

Stay away from any form of bathroom slippers when you rock your traditional outfit. Imagine rocking Senator with your rubber flip-flops.

Do not wear a sports wristwatch with your traditional outfit. That could result in fashion faux-pas. That means what belongs to the sports world does not suit traditional outfits.

 Avoid wearing your traditional outfits with belts. The trousers of your outfit should suit your body.

For your outfit, you rock moccasins, loafers, boat shoes, and other loafers without laces. You need bracelets when you wear your traditional outfit. That accentuates your appearance and gives you the respect you deserve. You can use a simple beaded necklace or chain necklace on your outfit. However, stay away from the loud ones, especially if you are in a formal meeting. No one wants to lose concentration because of the necklace on your neck. These few rules are what you should not break when you wear any traditional outfit.  


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