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Top 9 Habits That Keep Ladies Still Beautiful, Hot In Their 40s

I want to introduce to you some 6 factors responsible for ladies remaining very beautiful and hot even after 40 years of age.

The tips are gotten from the women of Kamba region in Kenya, and Kamba women have varieties of beauty routines to keep them beautiful even as they grow older.

The Kamba Women understand the importance of a woman remaining beautiful and hot even if she is aging; they know that beauty is what makes men go crazy over them.

Here are 9 things most Kamba women do to maintain their charming looks even after 40:

1. Avoid sugar
Maintain a balance diet lifestyle; consume more greens and less sugars and caffeine! Sugars increase the effects of ageing and can also worsen skin conditions like acne and rosacea.

It activates inflammation and binds to the collagen – making the skin rough.

2. Active S3x
Having a healthy attitude about your sexuality promotes beauty from within. Experts say, “a sexually healthy person is someone who feels comfortable with his or her sexuality.”

This means, a person doesn’t view sex as something naughty, bad, improper or sinful and can engage in it without feeling guilty or anxious. When you’re comfortable with who you are on the inside, your attractiveness is infectious on the outside. Others want to be around you and have what you have.

3. Keep colour simple

“Keep it simple, and avoid the often graphic colours and cuts you would have tried in your 20s.  A good outline with the cut is always mid-length or long – works well so hair can be worn up for versatility,” says Sibi Bolan, creative colour director at Daniel Hersheson.

4. Eat Balance diet

Kamba women embrace the right food into their eating schedules. New nourishments developed from the beginning help your body with getting free of toxic substances. Kamba ladies ensure they eat proteins, sugars, nutrients, and mineral salts rich sustenance.

5. Exercises Often
Kamba women walk around 30 minutes to maintain their good looks.  Exercises not only cleanse your skin but also bolster your platelets. They also flush out the waste things from your skin.

6. Supplements

Kamba women take Vitamins C and E upgrades to ensure that their skins are strong and keep up their adaptabilities. These supplements make collagen which keeps up the skin adaptability for a more drawn out time.

7. Facial treatment

Facials are a remarkable strategy to keep your skin looking young and splendid. Notwithstanding whether your logbook is clamorous, make a chance to go to a spa for a facial at any rate once consistently.

It will do good for your skin and you will feel the passionate change in your skin surface.

8. Water

Kamba women drink water to keep their skins hydrated every day. They drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. Water helps in taking out the toxic substances from your body.

9. Start using a fruit peel

“Skin does get duller in your 30s, so you should try to include enzymatic skin peels where possible into your routine which will slough away the often greying top layer of skin.

Try pineapple enzyme, glycolic or mushroom peels as the cellular renewal process begins to slow down.

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