The US condemns the assassination attempt on the Minister of Interior

Earlier today the Minister’s convoy was attacked by unknown assailants in broad day light. [Photo: US Embassy]

The statement also extended the US’s sympathy to the wounded members of his security guard that were injured during the attack earlier today.

It also added that ambassador Norland spoke on the phone with the minister following the attack, noting that Bashaga’s focus and drive to end the influence of rogue militias in the country has the full support of the American government.

The statement concluded with the ambassador calling for a speedy and thorough investigation into the attack to bring those responsible to justice.

Earlier today when the Minister of Interior was headed back o his residence in Janzour, an armoured vehicle opened fire on his convoy, injuring members of his security but failing at harming the Minister.

Two of the assailants were apprehended while one was killed in the fiery exchange. The office of the Attorney general has begun investigating the attack.

Initial investigations seem to show those who carried out the attack were from Zawiya, west of Tripoli, Reuters reported a source as saying.

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