The UK will support Libya’s progress financially and politically says Ambassador

The UK will support Libya's progress financially and politically says Ambassador

While the UK recently announced a large budget cut to its annual aid spending, it will continue to provide Libya with all the support it can afford to says Ambassador Hopton. [Photo: Libyan Express]

Nicholas Hopton, the United Kingdom’s ambassador to Libya announced that his government intends to allocate a sizeable sum to support Libya’s upcoming elections, increase inclusivity and empower Libyan women.

The United Kingdom despite recently announcing a massive cut to its yearly aid budget to Libya by 63% has promised to provide all the support necessary to carry out Libya’s first fair and free elections to bring the country out of its decade long state of standstill transition.

The ambassador also stressed the need to respect the demands of the Libyan people to bring an end to all foreign interference in the country’s affairs and withdraw all foreign mercenaries from Libyan soil.

“We will work hard to support the achievement of this so that Libya can move to the elections at the end of this year, and restore its full sovereignty,” he tweeted.

The ambassador also added that the government of the united kingdom will also support Libya’s Government of National Unity in restoring the country’s economy and clearing out the remnants of war left behind by the recent conflict that continue to take Libyan lives to this day.

The Libyan Centre of Mine and War Remnants recently announced there have been 93 deaths and 143 injuries as a result of the landmines, IED and remnants of war left behind by forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar during their withdrawal in the recent conflict.

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