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The Fashion Mistake of Corporate Meetings

When it comes to corporate events or meetings, many of us tend to make mistakes. We have listed some of the fashion mistakes that must be avoided at all cost.

Here is the list of the fashion mistake anyone can make during corporate events or interviews.

  1. Avoid dressing in bright prints or fabric

When it has to do with work, avoid the pinky pretty metallic dresses. These colors are better off during social gatherings, night outs or parties where you would like to be the center of attention and attraction.

Your piece of clothing can take away the attention of your interviewer so make sure that your outfit is simple. In any interview, you are to display nothing but the best because it is the only chance to prove how qualified you are for the job. Ensure you grab the opportunity to show how well you can uphold the company’s image if you are hired.


  1. Do not indulge in excessive or heavy makeup

The importance of this aspect cannot be overemphasized. One of the very common mistakes that people make is wearing too much makeup for job interviews. Too much makeup is distracting and time wasting. No matter how good of a makeup artist you are, it is best you keep it to a minimum. You wouldn’t want to drift the attention of the interviewer and leave him or her commenting about your face beat, would you?

  1. Do not display nudity

Short skirts, see through dresses, extended necklines or clothes that expose cleavages and too much skin are a big fat no. Maybe if you would like a job in a club or bar, then it might be appropriate.

Clothes that reveal too much skin may be a possible distraction for your interviewer and we don’t want that, do we? Ensure your outfits are nice, simple and modest.


  1. Do not put on overloaded and noisy accessories

Avoid wearing anything that can possibly distract your interviewer from the main business of the day. Imagine your interviewer staring at your long, dangling earrings while you’re trying to reply some of the questions asked or your bracelets jingling when you’re moving your hands. Always keep it simple, you can opt for studs earring.


Apart from some of these tips listed above, the most important tool you need to carry for a job interview is your self-confidence. Self confidence has nothing to do with the clothes you’re wearing or your makeup, manicure or hairdo. It is the mindset and individual attitude that you will get the job no matter the questions thrown at you. The clothes, and aesthetics are only to help boost that self confidence.

Nobody is perfect and as human beings, we all have our flaws and  weaknesses. The idea is to take comfort in your strengths and not be ready to highlight them when needed.

Even if you do not get the job, do not be discouraged. Sometimes, what we want isn’t what is best for us. Keep your head up high and do not any the negative thoughts weigh you down.




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