The continued production and circulation of pornographic material by high profile individuals in Zambia worrying

A Media Educator and Social Media Specialist at the University of Zambia has expressed concern with the continued production and circulation of pornographic material which he says has a potential to corrupt the morals of citizens.

Father Francis Chishala notes that the production and circulation of pornographic material that has caught the attention of social media is a matter of concern that should be curtailed as underage children are having access to adult material.

Fr Chishala told ZANIS in an interview that there is a need to urgently address the matter as high profile individuals have been at the centre of the illegal activity.

“They are the ones who should instill good morals among young people but they are exposing children to obscene material.” he said.

Fr Chishala noted that the behaviour of some high profile individual is compromising the country’s status as a Christian nation.

“As Christians, we are supposed to have a strong base so that we do not pollute society with obscene materials,” he said.

He lamented that it is sad that despite negative criticism and threats from authorities, people have continued to display their nudity for all to see on social media.

The Jesuit noted that there is a moral decay in the country saying the Government should quickly address the situation.

“We cannot continue to see elderly people disgrace themselves in such a manner.” He said.

The country has seen increased pornographic content on social media content which is produced by local people.

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