Tekeze Hydro-Power Plant Resumes Generating Electricity

Tekeze Hydro-Power Plant Resumes Generating Electricity

April 8/2021 /ENA/ The Tekeze Hydroelectric Power plant that had stopped supplying electricity for months has commenced generating electricity on Wednesday, according to Ethiopian Electric Power.

It is to be recalled that the plant had stopped generating electricity for its transmission lines were disconnected from the national grid.

However, after the necessary maintenance activities undertaken on the transmission lines, the hydroelectric power plant has resumed temporary operation in an isolated mode without connecting with the national grid, according to the Ethiopian Electric Power.

The company stated that currently two of the four units of the plant has commenced generating 108MW of electricity.

The electricity service that was cut off in Tigray since last Thursday has also been restored, it added.

The Tekeze hydroelectric power plant is a double arc power plant built with a capacity of 300 megawatts with its four units.

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