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Spicy Mushroom Larb paired with Marras Grenache Noir

If you have the palate for chilli hot food, this spicy mushroom larb is definitely for you. This vegan dish is a tasty combination of mushrooms, chillies, onions, shallots, ginger and other flavoursome ingredients to create a delicious veggie mix. Serve this piquant mixture in baby gem lettuce cups alongside peanuts and lime wedges.

This spicy mushroom larb pairs perfectly with Marras Grenache Noir. It is a bright and exuberant wine with ample sweet ripe fruit, peppery notes and soft tannins.  The palate is soft and lends itself to a perfect sipping wine. The ripe berry notes of wild strawberry and cherry in this compelling wine make for a fine match with the earthy and spicy elements of mushrooms and chilli in this dish.

So, next time you plan to treat your family and friends with a deliciously spicy vegan dish, think no further than this spicy mushroom larb. And remember to serve it with Marras Grenache Noir for a full-rounded taste experience. Your taste buds and your guests will thank you for it!

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