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Silky Mushroom & Coconut Curry

Warm, spicy, hearty and comforting. These are the words that describe one heck of a curry dish. Curry is one of those dishes that is rooted in tradition but so easy to make and gives you a great opportunity to be creative. The Silky Mushroom & Coconut Curry already tells you how this amazing dish is different to the rest. Everything is better with mushrooms.

If you’ve ever needed a second reason to try the Silky Mushroom & Coconut Curry recipe, it’s that it’s also vegetarian and vegan friendly. The button or portabellini mushrooms, potatoes and tomato base give the curry a hearty and comforting base. You’ve also got many aromatic spices which will make your home smell amazing and taste even better. It also takes less than an hour to prepare, so you’ll be in food heaven in no-time. It also serves four people and you can easily adjust your recipe for a bigger crowd.

A bowl of Silky Mushroom & Coconut Curry is perfect for a night in or when the family comes to visit. It’s warm, spicy, hearty and an all-time winner.

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