Rubble Clearing Has Delayed, Tonse Will Pay | The Nation Online

The people that used to make voters angry are still in control, many months after people decided they pack.

It is uninspiring to see the same hoodlums who wrecked the country, firstly walking scot free having bought their freedom and secondly continue causing havoc in mainstream government and State companies.

However, uncouth it sounds there was need to set up a compensation fund just for sacking the rubble that sent the country to its knees. Sack and pay them, yes it is not much when compared to the loss they are caused and continue to motivate through thievery. Truth and reconciliation commission would have been a better option as well so as to give chance to healing and reconciliation.  Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) messed up this country, turned it into some kind of a personal kraal.

These people who have been maintained are associated with the callous DPP, among others evils – spearheaded all manner of scandals. When excited they would pack their kinsmen and concubines into a lorry, force open Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) and offer them jobs, as unqualified as they are and in some cases using forged certificates.

This is a generation of crooks who would channel fuel meant for Electricity Supply Corporation (Escom) staff whose role is to keep Malawi lighting for both homes and industries, to party mafias to use for their clandestine operations.

They cannot be left scot free. These were masters at raping and bending laws to have their way, setting up a fund just for wiring them home would be a great idea than keeping saboteurs in offices. These, soon will come home to bite the Tonse regime. The signs of biting are there already, it is happening.  

An entire state institution, handling sensitive commodity, has a DPP backed person as top dog, seven months into a new regime. These instances are many. There is no hiding behind any law or contract—it is simply sloppiness. All government or related contracts have an exit clause.

DPP would not give an opponent such luxury. DPP is capable of sacking everyone in a minute and replacing them the very moment. Besides being callous which has worked well for them, they know the importance of having your own in roles to elongate stay in power. Not the waffling Tonse is exhibiting.

There are people around in offices, making key decisions and were part and parcel of buying a single plastic cup at $100 (about K70 000) and immigration regalia competing neck-to-neck in price with Gucci luxury clothing. This regime even has the audacity of transferring the DPP rubble to lucrative ministries and state companies in order to run the term of their contracts. This sort of folly cannot make Malawi progress. The same thieves that Malawians rejected are being treated with kid gloves and shown smiles.

Women in Nsundwe were raped and abused in presence of their kids, family and friends as the country rose to fight the DPP rule, in a revolution that brought change. No progress on the case to date but a cop who was in charge of the operation is planned to leave for Rio de Janeiro to represent interests of Tonse administration internationally.  What a joke.

People do not expect a perfect administration, all they want to see is an administration that remembers the core goal and narrative of the struggle. To chase the criminals, booting out people who caused so much pain through nepotism and cronyism.  It is an insult to see the same hooligans in charge of the state apparatus.

That today, DPP associates zealots supplied the most fertiliser during the last season and continue to get tenders willy-nilly remains a puzzle. Granted they are Malawians, yes they deserve to be accorded equal opportunities but not at the expense of the laws they broke. Otherwise, then prisons should not have been built as everyone deserves a second chance. Yes, second chance will be given but DPP cadets or rubble should be cleared and this exercise should not have taken, almost a year now—yes nearing a year.

These people would wake up one morning and feed their ugly palms with faces of innocent people, slapping them merely for holding an alternative opinion.

To see former President Arthur Peter Mutharika sun basking at his Mangochi mansion feigning ignorance of all things bad that happened during his tenure, a free and smiley man, when he led a notorious administration that plundered state coffers, one can only say some people have all the luck!  

Rubble clearing has delayed; Tonse will pay one day for this procrastination!