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Farmers expect bumper harvests

The Agriculture Technology Clearing Committee has urged farmers in Bolero and Mhuju extension planning areas (EPAs) in Rumphi to adopt new recommended specific fertilisers for their fields.

The committee’s member Albert Changaya, who is also the Agricultural Research and Extension Trust chief executive officer, made the call on Wednesday after a field tour to appreciate how new blends of fertilisers have responded to specific soil nutrients deficiency in the area.

He said government plans to come up with soil analysis and fertility maps for different areas to determine the suitable type of fertilisers for farmers to move away from general recommendations of fertilisers.

Farmers expect bumper harvests | The Nation Online
Farmers expect bumper harvests after applying specific fertilisers

“Time has come for farmers to use fertilisers that best suit the soil and weather in their areas,” he said.

In his remarks, Department of Agricultural Research Services principal soil scientist Moses Munthali said recommendations for the additional five fertiliser blends from the research will be released this year.

He said: “The research seeks to develop fertilisers for specific areas to consolidate the current four agro-ecological zones with different soil types and weather which used blanket recommendations.

“So, the validation of these formulations will help to achieve food security.”

On her part, African and Agri-business Partnership country director Sheila Keino said they want to complement government’s efforts in investing in the fertiliser value chain to bring fertiliser and farming technologies to farmers.

Alliance for Green Revolution Africa project officer Macloud Kaira said they funded the project to increase smallholder income and food security.