Reports He Has Applied To Stand On UPND Ticket Angers Dr Denny Kalyalya

Reports He Has Applied To Stand On UPND Ticket Angers Dr Denny Kalyalya

Denny Kalyalya

REPORTS HE HAS APPLIED TO STAND ON UPND TICKET ANGER KALYALYA: IT’S FAKE NEWS…I don’t know whether it was meant for April’s Fools day

Patson Chilemba

Former Bank of Zambia governor Dr Denny Kalyalya has dismissed as fake news reports that he has applied to stand on the UPND ticket, wondering whether the news was supposed to be Aprils Fools day.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Dr Kalyalya urged people who post fake news to think through before they posted stuff, saying there were ramifications to people’s families.

“Fake fake fake fake news. Yes utterly false, I never did that, am a technocrat through and through, no. I don’t know how this came about whether it was supposed to be April fools day, I don’t know but why use me I don’t know. There is no truth to it at all,” Dr Kalyalya said. “I don’t know what the motivation really, I can’t see what the motivation is, why suddenly from nowhere I’m presented that way you know. So I don’t understand what motivation I will be speculating and speculating won’t help me.”

Dr Kalyalya said this is not what people who fight for media independence envision when they are fighting for media freedoms.

“They expect people would act responsibly. You know these things which you accuse people they have effect on their families. Now look at, there are people in Kalomo who are aspiring so how do they think of such a situation which is untrue?” Dr Kalyalya said. “There is a serving MP there so what does he think now? So the ramifications of that are far, if people thought through before putting up such a story in the public it will help a great deal.”

Dr Kalyalya urged those who were in the habit of posting fake and unverified news to stop hence forth, saying people should… – Daily Revelation

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