I was the first victim of Kambwili’s tribalism – Akafumba

NDC vice-president Josephs Akafumba.

For Immediate Release


Lusaka 21st March 2021

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) party Acting President Rikki Joseph’s Akafumba on the 19:03:21 addressed a press briefing in Lusaka were he advised all party members allegedly expelled by the Kambwili fraction to ignore them with all the contempt it deserves.

Akafumba said, first of all let me address the issue of office bearers. I could not believe my eyes when I heard, Kabwita who is listed as a committee with announcements that there are only eight members who are registered with the registrar of societies and therefore the six of them meet and expelled two members the Vice President whose myself and the Secretary General Mrs Bridget Atanga, if that is correct that there are eight members at the registrar of societies, then it means NDC should be de-registered because for a party to exist you must have ten members, but that’s not the correct, NDC has full ten members who are registered with the registrar of societies and the senior most is myself followed by Hon Mwenya Musenge and followed by Bridget Atanga and that is the order. You cannot take away the argument that no Hon Mwenya Musenge left this and that. It does not hold any water, it’s the document that speaks, the print out that am showing you is a document that was printed on 3rd March 2021, showing all the ten NDC office bearers who are registered, so that’s the position.

Remember all political parties are registered by the registrar of societies and societies act, so this business of attempting to run political parties from the pocket or on the basis of a sole trader is in conflict with the societies act. Any meeting of the office bearers must be constituted by the Secretary General who should issue notices, this is not peculiar to political parties but in all meetings including board meetings, you cannot institute a board meeting without issuing notices, therefore you cannot call to order a meeting of office bearers without a notice, we have not received any notice, I consulted Mrs Bridget Atanga she had not received any notice, I phoned Hon Musenge him too has not received the notice and straight enough this meeting is being instituted by a very junior person called Kabwita a committee member purported to expel, President, a Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General, it does not work like that. As from the word go we have been in order, we have issued a notice for the meeting of the office bearers to be held on Tuesday 23:03:21 and we circulated the notice and it appeared in the mast newspaper on the 19:03:21, that’s the orderly way of doing things. Now because our colleagues are in panic mode, they can do anything, a drowning man can even hang on a grass in order to survive and that’s what they have reached. Said Akafumba

So all pronouncements made by Kabwita on behalf of the office bearers is null and void and we are going to ignore and we have ignored. As for Tuesday meeting, after having made the requirements of issuing a notice which himself Kabwita acknowledge, we are going to proceed, those who will not come, then they will bear the consequences what ever comes of that.

Why did we call the meeting for the office bearers, if you may want to know. We called the meeting for the office bearers in good faith, it was to find a way forward because of the where the party has found itself in, we called this meeting for the office bearers to come and chat the way forward, but our colleagues acting in bad faith, they did an ambush and just called six people or four and say we have expelled you, that one is of no consequence and we do not even want to waste time on it, said Akafumba

Lastly I want to advise my young brother Kambwili to be extremely very careful especially when it comes to do with matters of law and matters of registration of societies, because by your careless talk you are going to put the party in problems and the party can face de-Registration.

Issued by: Kirby Kaoma Musonda THE NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS (NDC) Deputy Media Director

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