Pearl Modiadie Reveals How Her Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recovery Is Going

Pearl Modiadie Reveals How Her Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recovery Is Going

The renowned media personality gave this update in a recent post she made on her personal social media handle on Twitter.

One of her followers asked;

“Hi Pearl, how’s your recovery going? (Wisdom teeth extraction)”

Answering the fan, she wrote;

“It’s like nothing ever happened, I’ve had such a smooth recovery. Thanks for checking up Kim!”

It could be recalled that Pearl spent some days at the ICU when she removed her wisdom tooth. Taking to her social media on Instagram, she wrote;

“In a celebratory mood today because I finally removed all 4 of my wisdom teeth 💃🏾😆. I recently developed a fear of being under general anesthesia , so I’m proud to have done it anyway… with lots of prayer and tears just before surgery.

1. Moments before the big extraction!

2. I met Sis’ Nozipho Msiya, one of the nurses at the hospital & let’s just say I’ll never forget her!

3. Moments after the big extraction with my red eyes, a drip and an ice pack on my face. Still without pain, just a little drowsiness and swelling.

4. This strong woman here making light of the situation!

5. Smiles. Because I made it through and
I’m grateful to have access to proper healthcare . I never for one second take that for granted 🙏🏾

6. I miss that hospital gown already & how it made me look like a frontline worker! 😇

Thanks to my Dr. and everyone at Intercare for putting me at ease and taking such good care of me. It was just for a few hours, but your kindness has gone a long way! God bless your hearts & hands 🙏🏾
Now for what I hope is an easy recovery at home. ❤️”


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