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Makeup Tips That Can Change Your Appearance

In the beginning African women had limited information on how to apply makeup. Over the years, we have seen our people get into the beauty industry and change the narration for us. If you are trying to learn how to apply makeup like a pro, we go you covered.

Keep reading and see how you can transform your appearance right from the comfort of your couch. Here is a few things you can do to your appearance.

Try Using Black-Owned Beauty Brands

Today, we have many beauty brand products on the market.  You can go for these products because they have your colour in mind when they formulated their products.  These makeup products come in different shades. You should go for the products that suit your skin colour.

Use Yellow-Based Foundation

We know that foundation can look cakey and chalky especially on dark skins.  However, you can prevent this from happening when you make a yellow-based foundation that comes with warm undertones. This  can help your skin colour.

Embrace Metallic Eyeshadow

You should know that the deep tone of our skin could affect the way some shades of eyeshadow can appear on us.  For those who are frustrated by this type of change, they should embrace the metallic eyeshadow products.

Do not go for eyeshadow products that come with matte.

Use Earth Tones

Have you heard about earth tones? These are not what people believe that they look. They are not boring or muted. These tones come in a wide range of beautiful and natural colours, ranging from warm gray, dark green, golden hues, and a variety of brown.

Mix your Foundations

It might interest you that many foundation products were not designed for us. What you should is to blend two foundation shades to give a unique skin tone. You should select a shade of foundations that are lighter than your skin tone and a darker one. You should mix them until you have that unique skin tone that you would love.

Use Gold Shimmer

You should make use of gold shimmer to bring out your colour.  We can tell you that gold tones brings out your skin. You will love the appearance you will get when you try this gold tone on your skin.

Wear Dark Lipstick

Many of us are not fans of dark shades lipsticks. While they might appear gothic and overdone for those with light skin, the colour is amazing on dark skin.  The dark lipstick can be your best friend if you know how to play with the colours.

These seven makeup tips can give you the appearance you desire. While we have many products on the market, you should be careful on the products you use.


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