Libya and China discuss cooperation in investment and infrastructure development |

Libya and China discuss telecommunications sector development |

By Sami Zaptia.

Libya and China discuss cooperation in the telecoms sector (Photo:

London, 4 April 2021:

Mohamed Hwej, Libya’s Minister of Economy and Trade chaired a meeting that included a number of Chinese governmental and private companies yesterday to discuss ways of cooperation in the fields of investment and infrastructure development in the country.

The activities of Chinese companies in the fields of construction, implementation of investment projects and infrastructure development were reviewed.

The Minister affirmed that the Libyan government is looking forward to strengthening cooperation with Chinese and foreign companies in general to implement several investment projects and develop infrastructure in all regions of the country in the fields of energy, transportation, housing and public utilities.

The Minister pointed out that the Libyan state has laws and legislation that provide safety and protection for investors and will work to provide all facilities for foreign companies so that they can implement the targeted projects in all regions of the country.

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