Kambwili is looking for ways to survive jail – Phiri

If Kambwili wants to drive us to PF, we will go with him – North NDC official

ABRAHAM Phiri says the Zambian people should not trust embattled NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili as he is looking for ways to survive jail.

Phiri, who is Copperbelt Advocates for Justice and Peace executive director, said politics was a service and not meant for personal protection.

He said PF would not change anything even with the inclusion of Kambwili.

He said Zambians, especially on the Copperbelt, were aware of the selfish motives of the ruling party.

He argued that Kambwili had no interest for the people but was looking for ways to avoid jail.

“We know what the man is looking for. But as advocates for Justice and Peace, this is not the right way to look for peace and freedom. Ba Kambwili was wrong and found wanting by the courts, so how can he seek that freedom by joining the PF? Is the PF in charge of giving people freedom? This is not right,” Phiri said.

He said Kambwili should stop fooling the Zambian people.

“It is to fool the people. No one was forcing ba Kambwili to say what he was saying. It is on record that he even had to pay for his programmes to be rebroadcast, so what has changed now? The Zambian people have their eyes open and can read in between the lines and lies of ba Kambwili,” said Phiri.

Last month, NDC Copperbelt chairman George Sichula said Kambwili was looking for personal freedom for himself and his family.

He said Kambwili was a convict but out on an appeal, and had not yet been acquitted.

“I feel sad to see how some people are struggling to understand the former NDC interim president. As far as we are concerned, he has made a very brilliant move for himself and his family. Any reasonable parent and husband would do that. If I may ask; what do you want him to do/say to the Zambian people? Anyway, you need political discernment to understand this. Our brother has been having very serious cases, which took him to prison for a month and currently surviving on an appeal. An appeal is not an acquittal. This [alliance] is too dangerous for him and his family,” Sichula argued. “I remember him issuing out a statement to complain that Zambians kept quiet when he battled it alone. He has a family to look after. We all know that if he supports the PF then his cases will be dropped, if he supports the Alliance he will straight go to prison. Between the two, I can also choose my freedom. Boma in boma bane. Bear with him for once. Kuti mwaletelela umunenu (you may cause trouble for our colleague). Politics in Africa are very dirty.”

During a funeral of Chabu Kibombwe in Kitwe on Wednesday, Kambwili, who symbolically reunited with PF stalwarts in Davies Mwila and Mumbi Phiri, among those he once disgraced, declared that he would work with President Edgar Lungu to solve Zambia’s problems.

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