I am Optimistic The Police Won’t Accept To Be Abused To Kill Us After All- Sikaile Sikaile

Sikaile Sikaile


When I listened to the vice president (an imposter in independence struggle) advance an argument that the opposition should forget about seeing amendments to the public order Act. I knew their intention is to use it to punish or exert revenge on the opposition for defeating their evil Bill 10. Therefore, the government feels they have a chance to make them pay through the public Order Act. The president with his vice being given exclusive right to be anywhere in the country without ever notifying anybody.

They will use that to track the opposition time table and disrupt the meetings. Haven’t you seen that not even covid can stop the President. However, I am no sad but quite excited.

My excitement comes upon realization that the opposition did not have to depend on the police to defeat the evil Bill. They depended on God and their principles to succeed. We must realise that these MPs faced the biggest temptation ever, only second to the forbidden fruit in the garden of Aden. A lot of money was released to buy all of them off. With God, these MPs knew a good name was better than riches.
For this noble action by these gallant men and women, the vice president and her government are out for revenge using the public order Act. Unfortunately for them, they have to depend on the police force.

What is in it for police to continue supporting thieves and murderers in Government to continue looting and killing us just like it is the case in the Honeybees candal? The answer is, there is nothing.Remember, these are the same police officers whose years of investment in a society called Thrift was taken into campaign by the same government that intends to abuse them. This government has stolen from officers and I don’t expect the officers to be that stupid to be used to kill us for trying to have their lives improve.

Have these officers been paid their leave benefits, settling in allowances and other allowances for the past ten years? Of course not, who can pay them when they don’t speak out and poor fellas have no Union.The man who should have been speaking for them and his horde of commissioners are busy boot leaking for extended contracts. Police officers Zambians are not your enemies, but those who are using are your real enemies.

Even during the voter registration, officers were sent away from their stations and paid hundred kwachas per night and not DSA (K800.00) as a condition of service for the days spent away from their homes.Can you imagine that the harmonization program as directed by Michael Sata has not been implemented to date.
What is in it for them? Nothing. Two years ago, the government through cabinet approved a new establishment for the police. But, up to now it has not been implemented because their minister is preoccupied with killing citizens as opposed to upgrading his police department.

Thereby increasing morale in his men and women in uniforms. Promotion at police and any other work place is a morale booster. With retirement age having been revised, only God knows what will take to promote these officers.
It is these issues that are making me optimistic that the police service will remember. Before firing into the crowd of suffering citizens, a police officer on that armoured personnel carrier (APC) would ask him/herself a question, what is in it for me?

Sikaile C Sikaile
Good Governance and Human Rights Activist for Zambia and Amnesty International

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