Replace Your Missing Tooth or Teeth Through Dental Implants

Many people across the world are at risk of losing their teeth or a tooth. There are many reasons why you might lose a tooth, such as oral accidents, decay, and oral diseases. According to specialists, oral infections and diseases are the leading causes of teeth loss.

However, if you are there and you have some missing teeth, there is a ready solution for you. Dental implants are techniques that you can undergo to replace your missing tooth or teeth. Phillip Chien DDS is the best doctor you can consult for dental implant services.

Types of dental implants that can suit you:

There are several types of dental implants that you can undergo. The implant can be done in your doctor’s office or at the main hospital under local anesthesia. These types include:

1. Endosteal dental implants

Endosteal dental implants are the most stable artificial teeth. This technique involves screw-like roots made from titanium metal and white artificial crowns made from ceramic. Your doctor screws the roots into your jawbone, and then later, crowns are placed on top of them. Crowns are finally adjusted to resemble your natural teeth.

2. Subperiosteal dental implants

This technique involves metal frames that are placed on top of the jawbone. The metal frame contains posts that are exposed through the gum where crowns are fixed. Subperiosteal implants are suitable for people with an insufficient jawbone.

3. All-on-4 dental implants

This technique is done on patients who do not have a single tooth. All-on-4 is similar to dentures, but they are placed permanently on your jaw bone. Screws are placed in your jawbone, where the denture is fused on top of them. This type of implant is also stable and strong.

Before undergoing a dental implant, your dentist will take you through an oral examination. After the examination, your doctor will suggest a dental implant that suits you. Below are ways you can take care of dental implants.

How to look after your dental implant These ways include:

1. Avoid products with hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash

It is vital to keep your implants clean but cleaning them with sensitive products is dangerous. Studies show that products with hydrogen peroxide can make your crowns change color.

2. Make use of a brush made from nylon

A nylon toothbrush comes with bristles that scrub the implants without applying more pressure. You can also use a proxabrush as a substitute for a nylon brush.

3. Avoid foods that are sticky and colored

Avoid eating foods like chocolates and drinks like wines. These food products can build up plaque that can be hard to remove.

4. Say no to alcohol and cigarettes

Alcohol and smoking play a huge part in teeth discoloration. Once artificial teeth are discolored, it becomes hard to whiten them.

Many people have restored their smiles, facial appearance, and speech through dental implants. These techniques are free from pain; thus, every person can undergo them. Book an appointment with specialists at Sunshine Dental Inc. center for dental implants. It is the best dental center located in Temecula, CA.

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