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Amakuvuki: from dancers to musicians

Although their love for music initially brought them together as dancers back in their junior school days, Amakuvuki has since evolved from busting moves to busting rhymes.

It has been an incredibly successful transformation for the three-man group, with their LP ‘Monateng’ gaining international recognition.

Speaking to Voice Entertainment this week, Amakuvuki’s Kitsio Maoto explained it all started back in 2010.

“We started as street dancers. It was me, Gilbert Magosi, 25, and Thabo Nthebolang, 22. We loved to dance and people adored us as we used to do dance battles. However, we saw if fit to create our own music even though it was difficult as we were still rookies in the music industry but we kept on going.”

Having built up a following through their dancing, two years ago the trio decided it was time to start recording their own music.

“We dropped our official debut single in 2019, it was an Afro House tune named ‘Digital’. People were amazed because they knew us as dancers but we never backed out as we were confident this was our meal ticket,” stated the 26-year-old.

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Indeed, confidence is something Maoto and his bandmates are not short of.

Despite Covid-19 bringing the industry to a virtual standstill in 2020, Maoto stressed it was a ‘year of reckoning’ for the group.

“2020 was a difficult year for all musicians especially us as upcoming ones but we managed to drop our first official Extended Play (EP) titled ‘Monateng’. It is composed of 17 great tracks and people have been sending a lot of positive vibes.

“Furthermore, Monateng was listed in the top 100 in the United States of America (USA) iTunes and that is massive for us because we are on our way to make history,” he declared.

Quizzed about how the Amakuvuki name came about, he explained, “The name started from way back when we used to do dance battles, we called ourselves Kuvukiboys and later Amakuvuki as music artists.

“Moreover, we did not stop dancing, we are still dancing but the only change is that we now dance to the music we create,” he said, adding they recently dropped an accompanying video to their ‘Digital’ single.

“It has been making waves,” declared Moato proudly.

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