Ethiopians Need Spirit of Victory of Adwa More Than Ever : President

Ethiopians Need Spirit of Victory of Adwa More Than Ever : President

March 2/2021(ENA) Ethiopians need the spirit of the victory of Adwa more than ever to address the ongoing challenges the country has been facing, President Sahelework Zewde said.

Ethiopians across the country have today celebrated the 125th anniversary of Victory of Adwa with various assortments.

Here in Addis Ababa, the anniversary of the Victory of Adwa has been observed colorfully at Emperor Menelik II Square.  

During the occasion, president Sahilework said without the victory of the battle of Adwa, Ethiopia didn’t look like what it’s today, in terms of identity and landscape. 

She underlined that Ethiopians victory over the European aggressors at the battle of Adwa is a victory not only for Ethiopians but for all black people. 

Now, therefore she said the spirit of Adwa’s victory is needed now more than ever.

The legacy of our forefathers would prove the fact that “Ethiopia is more than the interests and desires of individuals or political groups,” as they had marched in strong unison to defend their country irrespective of their internal differences, Sahilework pointed out.

“We have to understand the problems we are facing now and find a solution and we must strive to move on for the better future; she added. 

According to the president, in the 21st century, calls should be made for nothing but to mobilize the general public to fight poverty and realize development.

“Today, no matter who we are, we must strive for the development of our country, accepting the fact that nothing is above Ethiopia,” she underscored. 

She called on all Ethiopians to support each other and stand together for the dignity and development of the country.

Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa City Administration, Adenech Abebie on her part said Ethiopians have to draw lessons from the victory of Adwa to protect the sovereignty of their country in unison.

The Deputy Mayor stressed the need to strengthen internal unity and strive for common prosperity.

The construction of the Adwa Museum is underway in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia and seat of the African Union, in order preserve the legacy of our forefathers, she noted.

The 125th anniversary of Victory of Adwa has been celebrated with various assortments in the presence of thousands of Residents of Addis Ababa, members of the Ethiopian Patriotic Association, and government officials.   

The anniversary has also been celebrated in various parts of the country and at Ethiopian embassies across the world.

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