Ethiopian Airlines pilot mistakenly lands at unfinished Copperbelt International Airport

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Ethiopian Airlines plane on Sunday mistakenly landed at the Copperbelt International Airport under construction instead of the near-by Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Airport (old airport).

The plane’s nonappearance took its original destination in Zambia by surprise. As the pilot informed air traffic control that he was about to land, they told him: “We can’t see you.”

The Ethiopian Airlines plane landed at an airport that is still under construction in Zambia, “by mistake,” a government official and the carrier announced on Monday.

The cargo plane touched down on Sunday at the not-yet-finished airport Copperbelt International Airport, which is currently served by the Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport, some 15 kilometers away.

“When he was about to land he was communicating with the radar, and they told him: ‘We can’t see you,’” the Transport Ministry’s permanent secretary, Misheck Lungu, told the news agency AFP. “So he used his sight as he had no control and landed at an airport still under construction.”

Lungu added that no damage had been incurred and said investigators would be releasing a “comprehensive report.”

Though there is no mention of the incident on its Twitter page, Ethiopian Airlines confirmed that the episode had taken place and said an investigation, in cooperation with Zambian authorities, was already underway.

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