Ethiopia Should Maintain Unity, Strive for Regional Integration: S. Sudan’s Amb.

Ethiopia Should Maintain Unity, Strive for Regional Integration: S. Sudan’s Amb.

Addis Ababa April 4/2021 (ENA)  South Sudanese Ambassador to Ethiopia, James P. Morgan urged Ethiopia to maintain its internal unity and work for regional integration.

Ambassador James exchanged views with ENA on the current situation in Ethiopia and the region.

The ambassador told ENA that Ethiopia could resolve its internal challenges, maintain national unity and play a leading role for the regional integration as a strong nation in the Horn of Africa.

Ethiopia has a track record of resolving internal issues on its own and has been contributing to the regional, continental and world peace and security, he noted.

The ambassador pointed out that the role of the neighboring countries is to call for peace for all parties.

“We are not going to say that either we support the government or the opposition-no. Our role is to call all the parties in Ethiopia to come to peace and work together with the government. We are happy that there is going to be an election may be at the end of May,” Morgan added.  

According to him, Ethiopia’s problems could have wider conflagration effect to the Horn of Africa, a sub-region with complicated problems, development needs and opportunities.

“Here in our region, all our eyes are on Ethiopia. It is the role of Ethiopia to unify these member states as well as also unifying Ethiopia. This is very important and this is how we can go forward. Without a leading country, even we don’t have a member state that can lead us, we cannot make the integration of the region,” Morgan said.

Having strong countries like Ethiopia in the Horn of Africa have great role to connect the sub-region, he added.

Ethiopia has played role in mediating the Government of South Sudan with the major opposition groups in that country.

Recently, the Government of South Sudan announced that the country will soon ratify the Nile Basin Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA) which outlines rights and obligations for the development of the Nile Basin water resources.

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