Energy Minister Accuse Local Fuel Transporters of creating the crisis by Charging Exorbitant Prices

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Energy Minister Mathew Nkhuwa has said that local fuel transporters have been charging exorbitant prices that is why fuel importers have been shunning them.

Reacting to accusations by fuel transporters that their protest which had enabled fuel shortage in some of past of the country had been caused by Energy Minister Mr. Nkhuwa who had not failed to actualise the promises he had made for some time now, Mr Nkhuwa said that the exorbitant prices have been worrisome to Government which needs to be addressed.

Mr. Nkhuwa said that he has been engaging the Fuel Transporters Association of Zambia to ensure that the prices can be reduced, adding that many fuel importers have been concerned about the prices which have resulted in a reduction of engaging the locals.

Mr. Nkhuwa says has been supportive of the transporter’s body to improve their welfare and indicated that the transporters need to be appreciative of what he has been fighting for them.

“I think people need to know that I have been supporting these fuel transporters and what they are doing is not right. As Government, we are not against them. I have fought for the 50 percent to ensure that they are involved in fuel transportation,” he said.

Meanwhile, Transportation Association of Zambia national spokesperson Benson Tembo says the fuel transporters are not involved in the shortage.

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