Efia Odo Advises Married Men


The controversial but beautiful personality gave this advice via her personal social media handle on the popular social media platform, Twitter.

In her post, the socialite wondered why men will marry and end up having side chicks who look ‘sexy’ than their wives whiles they could have made their wives look ‘sexy’ like these side chicks.

She urged married men to buy their ‘unsexy’ wives sexy clothes, take her to get her hair done and also motivate her and help boost her self esteem again.

The post she made reads;

“Some men will marry and have sexy side chicks. Why don’t you just help your wife to get her sexy back. Go to they gym with her if you think she’s put on weight. Buy her sexy clothes, take her to get her hair done. Motivate her and help boost her self esteem again.”

Meanwhile, she made an earlier post stating the only musician she is waiting for his album. According to her, that musician is no other person than her own best friend, Kwesi Arthur.

It isn’t surprising that she mentioned Kwesi Arthur because of how she has been vibing with the young rapper.

Recently after the release of the ‘Sore’ remix by Yaw Tog which features Kwesi Arthur, she promised to learn all the lines of the rapper within the shortest possible time of which she actually did.

In a new tweet, Efia has revealed she in only waiting for one person in the music industry to drop an album and the person better be sorry for keeping his fans waiting. “I’m just waiting for 1 person’s album to drope better be sorry for the making us wait

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