Denounce politics of violence, UCZ urges Zambians

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The United Church of Zambia (UCZ) in Northern Province has urged Zambians to denounce politics of violence and division ahead of the August 12, 2021 general elections.

UCZ Northern Presbytery Bishop, Maybin Mulenga said the church will not support political parties and individual politicians that will perpetrate violent and divisive activities during the campaign period.

Bishop Mulenga made the remarks during the induction service of Reverend Agness Zimba at Kasama’s UCZ Emmanuel congregation.

He said Zambians are yearning for political leaders that will enhance socio-economic development while promoting peace and tolerance in the nation.

“As a church, we will not support political parties that will engage in politics of violence and division ahead of this year’s general elections. What we want to see is peace and development,” he said

He has since urged youths to reject politicians that want to use them for selfish reasons and violence.

He further appealed to government and those aspiring for political leadership to spearhead youth empowerment to help young people to become self-reliant.

Meanwhile, Bishop Mulenga has called for the critical scrutiny of beneficiaries of empowerment programmes if their intended purpose was to be achieved.

“To my dear youths, if they give you stones to throw at others, reject them and tell them to give you skills and empowerment. But for these programmes, the selection of beneficiaries should also be done in a proper way,” he said.

And Lukashya Member of Parliament George Chisanga said government will continue to work with the church to better the lives of people.

Mr. Chisanga said government remains committed to ensuring that Zambians, especially youths and women, benefit from its empowerment initiatives.

He reiterated the call for youths not to be used as tools of violence ahead of the August 12, general elections.

Mr. Chisanga has since pledged to work with the church to promote peace and political tolerance.

“The government shall always recognize the church as a key partner in the development process and promotion of peace and co-existence,” said Mr. Chisanga

Earlier, Reverend Zimba said she will strive to grow the congregation spiritually and numerically while imparting knowledge and skills that will help vulnerable members of the church to earn a living.

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