Debaiba holds an extended meeting to address the dire conditions of Libya’s health sector

Debaiba holds an extended meeting to address the dire conditions of Libya's health sector

Libya’s health sector continues to struggle from a lack of funding and overcrowding to the point of having to close the doors of certain hospitals. [Photo: GNU]

The head of the Government of National Unity, Abdel Hamid Debaiba addressed the challenges facing the country’s health sector, especially in the dire circumstance of the country facing the world’ worst pandemic in history.

The challenges were discussed during an extended meeting on Sunday evening with the attendance of several hospital and medical directors, oncology and dialysis centres across Libya as well as the Ministry of Health Dr Ali Al – Zanati, and the Minister of State for Government and Cabinet Affairs, Adel Juma.

During the meeting in the Office of the Prime Minister, the Head of Government stressed the need to provide citizens with the best medical services, as conveyed by the Government Information Office.

He also confirmed that his Government, through the Ministry of Health, would provide all necessary facilities to the various medical centres to ensure the provision of services on an ongoing basis.

This also comes during the same day which marked the arrival of Libya’s first shipment of Covid-19 vaccines, consisting of over 100,000 doses of Russia’s sputnik V vaccine which holds an efficiency rate of over 90%.

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