Boeing backs grounding of its Aircrafts over engine failures

Boeing planes

American company, Boeing has considered the grounding of its Aircrafts after an engine failure that United Airlines flight 328 experienced over Denver yesterday.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board’s ongoing investigation, two fan blades on the plane’s number two engine had developed fractures.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued an emergency airworthiness directive that requires “immediate or stepped-up inspections of Boeing 777 airplanes equipped with certain Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines.” The administration noted that this was likely to result in aircraft being removed from service.

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“Boeing is actively monitoring recent events related to United Airlines Flight 328. While the NTSB investigation is ongoing, we recommended suspending operations of the 69 in-service and 59 in-storage 777s powered by Pratt and Whitney 4000-112 engines until the FAA identifies the appropriate inspection protocol,” Boeing said in a statement

Boeing supported the decision yesterday by the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau, and the FAA’s action today to suspend operations of 777 aircraft powered by Pratt and Whitney 4000-112 engines. “We are working with these regulators as they take actions while these planes are on the ground and further inspections are conducted by Pratt and Whitney.”

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