Here Are The Benefits Of Taking A DNA Test At Home

There are pros and cons to every medical procedure in the world today. However, sometimes finding out results from the comfort of your own house can put your mind at ease, more so than venturing into a scary doctor’s office. Some people have a phobia of hospitals, laboratories, and doctor’s offices, so finding out results where they feel comfortable can help ease the nerves during the process.

How can I use a home DNA test kit?

A home DNA test kit is an easy way to provide fast, accurate, and reliable paternity results in approximately one day after submitting your results to a lab. This way it is no longer necessary to visit a doctor to undergo DNA paternity testing, making the entire process as easy as going to your local pharmacy to pick up a home DNA test kit, click here to find out more info.

When using a home test, all you have to do is take a painless cheek swap so you can gain saliva from the side of your mouth. Since this is an easy procedure, almost anyone can do this step from their own home.

Pros and cons of a home DNA test kit

Positives of using a home DNA test kit

  • Prevent disease – regardless of the results of the home DNA test kit, it is a good idea to start living a healthy lifestyle. This way, you can reduce the risk of potential diseases you may be susceptible to after finding your DNA results.
  • Learn about your background – if you are not sure where your family originates from, it can be educational to learn about your bloodline history and origins.
  • Unobtrusive test – A cheek cotton swab is about the most painless ‘medical procedure’ you can have done. You can do this in the comfort of your own home to put your mind at ease, making the process done within seconds.
  • Ease anxiety – the results of your home DNA test kit can help ease any anxiety and stress you have about potential genetic conditions and illnesses.
  • Make a healthy lifestyle – the results may not be exactly what you were hoping for, but it can be the catalyst to living a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Cons of using a home DNA test kit

  • Not legalized – using a home DNA test kit is not legalized when battling for custody in court.
  • Might not be accredited – using a home DNA test kit and sending it to an unaccredited laboratory may provide uneasiness about the process and inaccurate results.
  • Difficult to interpret – the results can be difficult to understand if you do not know how to read the data.


Although taking a home DNA test kit can be stress-free, easy to do, and prevent the need to go to a doctor’s office, the results can sometimes be hard to interpret, unaccredited, or unusable in court. In this case, you need to decide if taking a home test is better than going to a doctor to take a legal test to find out more about your background, prove paternity, or educate yourself on genetic conditions.

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