Benefits of dating taller guys: 6 Reasons Why Most Young Ladies Prefer Tall Guys


Hello guys, welcome to Benefits of dating taller guys; I want to share with you what I found out on the street from the mouth of the young ladies, I went to the streets to ask young ladies why they prefer dating tall guys far above their height, many told me they chose to because of these 6 major reasons

Height is a big factor that many young ladies consider these days before choosing a male partner. If not for certain unforeseen circumstances which usually lead to a change of mind, several ladies who ended up marrying an averagely built guys, have initially programmed their minds to marry tall handsome men.

Marrying a guy who has a height advantage is good. It helps in determining the height of children that will be born by the couple later in future. However, this does not guarantee a happy home for the couple.

These are some of the major reasons many ladies prefer to date tall guys:

1. Dating tall guys make ladies have a sense of feminism

Every lady wants to feel like a real woman. They want to look up to their men while standing or walking together and by so doing, they will feel proud of themselves.

2. It gives them a sense of security

When a lady walks with a tall guy, she believes she is secured and immune against external aggressors. Even if the guy does not have the fighting strength, she will consider the height to be enough for protection.

3. It gives them self confidence

Ladies are always imbued with confidence when they are dating a tall guy. They draw inspiration and courage from their guys wherever they are or whatever they do. They are proud of presenting them to family or friends.

4. Tall guys to be strong and masculine

Similarly, most tall guys are naturally hairy which ladies find attractive. They also believe that tall guys are better in the other room than averagely built guys. So they go for them.

5. Still stand below tall guys

Another major reason lady prefers dating tall guys is that it enables them put on their heel shoes comfortably and still stands below their height.

Ladies who date short guys don’t always feel comfortable wearing high heels because they will be taller than guy and this will not give them a sense of feminism and security.

Nevertheless, dating a tall guy does not guarantee a fulfilled marriage. It is all about love, understanding and commitment.

6. Majority of tall guys are also long down there

From an s3xual perspective, there are many of ladies who favor the potential enjoyment of a long p3nis. There are many that will only engage in s3xual intercourse with those that possess this desirable longer rod. The shear look of a long p3nis is enough to make them go crazy, and submit to it every now and then.

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