Africans Saying Nvdity Is Not Our Thing Must Be On Horse Sh!t


Tribal mark model Adetutu has slammed those still criticizing her saying nvdity is not our thing as African that they must be on a horse sh!t.

Adetutu who got criticized once again for sharing a bikini photo and showing her nvde photos online slammed those criticizing her telling her she doesn’t hide her nvdity because that’s who she is and no one can change that.

According to her, coming to her page to say she’s trying to break the internet with her nvde photos is a dumped thing to say to her because she doesn’t hide them and all her nvdes are almost everywhere on the internet.

Such a post coming from her isn’t surprising because she has once revealed that she sells her nvdes to feed herself and her child therefore there’s no way she’s going to hide them just to please those online.

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Adetutu also claimed in that previous post that she would prefer to sell her nvdes for money and be able to feed herself and her child than beg for money online for someone to say anything she might not like to hear all in the name of helping her.

Adetutu is a beautiful lady but isn’t patronized more by organizations because of her tribal mark and that has forced her into taking this path of selling her nvdes and even though it’s not our thing as Africans that’s what she survives on hence there’s nothing anyone can say to change her mind at this moment.

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