A billion dinars spent to rebuild Benghazi

It is estimated that over 140 projects are implemented annually geared towards the rebuilding of the city. [Photo: Internet]

The Stability Committee reported that Libya’s second most populated city of Benghazi spent 1 billion Libyan dinars on 566 contracts to rebuild the city after the damages it endured during the country’s multiple civil conflicts.

The Committee detailed that the budget was spent on 566 contracts to rebuild the city, with more than two-thirds distributed over 5,000 residential units and 250 million used to remove damages and debris in the Sabri district and city centre with a completion rate of over 90% thus far.

The Committee stated that their primary goals are improving basic services for citizens after the war and the destruction endured by the city, which includes the return of water networks to their normal function as well sanitation, electricity and the recovery of residential neighbourhoods.

It also added that the 566 contracts were distributed over 14 sectors such as electricity, health, sewage, housing, and road work, repairs of street lighting and clearing out debris and damaged property.

The Committee estimates that despite delays and operational problems, 142 projects are completed annually for a total of 524 projects completed in the last three years, noting that 95 projects are underway in 2021.

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