9 tested, proven ways to enjoy s3x with a giant p3nis

It is a common knowledge that p3nises come in different shapes and sizes. Odds are you’ve seen junkat both ends of the spectrum, though it’s a wee bit more intimidating to come face-to-face with a big weiner than a small one.

Sure, getting down with an oversized peen can be some women’s jackpot, but for others…not so much.

Then how will it fit when you come face to face with a bigger rod?

“During the course of their sexual lives, most women will encounter a male partner whom they consider well-endowed,” says certified sex therapist Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D. So what qualifies as “well-endowed”? Also Read:Top 6 Benefits of having a big p3nis.

According to a 2013 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the average erect p3nis is 5.6 inches, so we’d reckon anything over that. (Fun fact: About 15 percent of men have a p3nis over seven inches and three percent have one over eight inches.)

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Having s3x with a larger-than-average p3nis can be painful, create anxiety and stress, and even cause vaginal tearing, says Van Kirk. But, with all of that said, it doesn’t have to ruin s3x. New York City s3x therapist Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of She Comes First, says your vagina might be more up for the task than you’d think. “Generally, the vagina can accommodate a larger than average p3nis,” he says. However, you do have to be more careful.

Here’s how to enjoy s3xing a bigger p3nis:

1. Acknowledge the (Huge) Elephant in the Room

Don’t make it a major issue—Van Kirk says you don’t want to embarrass the guy since he may already be sensitive about his size—but it’s a good idea to be upfront and honest. Kerner recommends saying something like, “Wow, that’s a big p3nis. Let’s take it slow”…and then moving on.

2. Take the Lead

It’s hard to know how your vee-gee will handle his size, says Van Kirk, so it’s important for you to set the pace. “Until you get used to the sensation and know how your body will respond to his larger p3nis, take it slow,” she advises.

3. Break out the Lube

You’re probably going to need it, so “be willing to reach for the lube and keeps it coming,” says Kerner. (Sidenote: lube = better s3x, always.) Thicker lubes are better in this situation because they won’t be absorbed as quickly, says Van Kirk.

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4. Go Wild with Foreplay

While lube will help you get wet, foreplay can help you get a better read on his p3nis size and allow you to get even more aroused in the process. That makes it easier to take it all in later. “Work your way up,” says Van Kirk. “S3xy time prior to penetration with his p3nis should include fingers or possibly a s3x toy.”

5. Try Side-by-Side S3x

Not only can you help control the rhythm in this position, you can also hold his p3nis, insert it, and control it like a s3x toy, says Kerner. If he’s getting too deep, for example, increase how much of his length that you’re gripping to minimize what’s going into you.

6. And Girl on Top

Any move that allows you to a) take the lead and b) keep him pretty still is ideal, says Kerner.

7. And Standing Positions

If your dude has a longer p3nis, you might actually find standing s3x hotter since it’s easier to get into and maintain, says Van Kirk.

8. Avoid Doggy Style

If his p3nis is on the long side, certain positions, like doggy style, can lead to deeper penetration, which may cause his p3nis to hit your cervix (and that doesn’t always feel great—though it can.), says Van Kirk. If you want a doing-it-from-behind kind of vibe, she recommends reverse cowgirl so you can still control the rhythm.

9. Keep Your Expectations in Check

While you might assume that s3x with a big guy will lead to crazy-wild orgasms, that’s…not necessarily the case. “Sometimes men with big p3nises think that’s all they need to be a gratifying lover, but a big p3nis doesn’t guarantee more orgasms,” says Kerner.

Go now girl, get all the length!

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