84 parliament members announce unconditional support for the new government

84 parliament members announce unconditional support for the new government

Members of the Parliament called on the new prime minister to form a new government with transparency and honesty in mind. [Photo: AA]

Eighty-Four members of Libya’s re-unified parliament announced yesterday that they will grant the new Libyan interim government their vote of confidence without restrictions or conditions.

The House of Representatives stated after a meeting in Tripoli held to determine the venue to hold the full quorum vote of confidence session in Libya. Just 40 parliament attended the meeting out of 140.

The Representatives called on their colleagues to come together to hold a session and grant the soon-to-be-formed Government of National Unity (GNU) their confidence so that the nation can move forward.

They also called newly elected Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Debaiba to from the new government with honesty and transparency in mind, assigning posts only to those equipped with the experience and competence to fulfil their tasks.

In light of the quickly approaching deadline to grant the government the vote of confidence, the US embassy stated in a tweet that ambassador Norland spoke with House Speaker Aguilla Saleh to stress the importance of members of the parliament convening to give their confidence to the new executive authority as soon as possible

Prime Minister Debaiba is expected to present the formation of the Government of national unity to members of the government later today.

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