8 High Profile Nigeria’s Female Commercial Pilots

It used to be very difficult to see a female pilot, but thanks to advanced technology and modernizations, now things has changed for better in the aviation profession as we now have female pilots who are performing excellently in the field.

In this post today, I will share with you the top 8 highly rated Nigerian female Pilots:

1. Captain Imoleayo Adebunle

Captain Imoleayo Adebunle

She became a pilot at age 23 after emerging as the best student of Nigerian Institute of Aviation Technology in Zaria. Due to her poor background, she was sponsored by Aero Contractors Airlines. She now works at Aero Contractors Airlines and she is the second female to attain the post of Chief Pilot. She has been in the field for over 11 years.

2. Adeola Ogunmola Sowemimo

Adeola Ogunmola Sowemimo

She is the first female to fly the Boeing 787 Dreamliner of Qatar Airways and the Boeing 767.

qatar airlines

The gigantic aircraft was flew successfully by Adeola Ogunmola Sowemimo and this made her to be among the special list of female pilots.

3&4. Huseina and Hassana Edili-Ogaji

Huseina and Hassana Edili-Ogaji

They are the first set of female twins in Nigeria to become Pilots. They are native of Ankpa Local Government of Kogi State. They were both trained in France, United States and United kingdom and they have both won awards of excellence of international aviation industry.

5. Mercy Temitope Eghonghon

Mercy Temitope Eghonghon

She entered the aviation field at the age of 18 through Aero Contractors. She spent over 10 years with Aero Contractors before leaving the company at 25 she became a Captain. She is now working with Bristol Group where she is currently the Chief Pilot. She is from a family of five pilots and she also married a Pilot working at Air Peace.

6. Captain Faith Odushola Boeghim

Captain Faith Odushola Boeghim

She joined aviation industry over fifteen years ago at Aero Contractors. Now, Faith has grown to become a guru in the aviation industry as she is licensed to fly in Italy, Bulgaria and Romania. She is also married to a Dutch Pilot.

7. Captain Simi Ajibola

Captain Simi Ajibola

She is also from a Pilots family because her two brothers and father are in the aviation industry. Simi Ajibola is the first female pilot to become a Captain of Air Peace. She also led the all-female flight of Air Peace from Lagos to Abuja and Owerri. She was credited for preventing a crash of Air Peace Boeing 737 carrying one hundred and thirty-three passengers.

8. Captain Joan Obasi

Captain Joan Obasi

She is the youngest female Pilot honoured by the United states Federal Aviation Administration. She was initially a flight attendant before becoming a Pilot. She entered aviation industry as a pilot via Air Peace. Presently, Captain Joan Obasi is a Pilot at Phoenix East Aviation of Awand Air Limited.

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