Ankara Gown Styles: Check out these 70 beautiful women styles 2021

Latest Ankara Styles for Men and Women

For a long time for the Nigerian girls and women, the long and ankle-length Ankara Gowns Styles dresses have been the main dress style that they used to wear. No matter whether it is a formal party or a casual in-house day, the long gowns and ankle-length frocks were the native dress for the ladies in Africa. But recently, we have seen a shift in Ankara’s fashion world with the introduction of cool, stylish and quite elegant short body dresses.

It seems like the African girls from South or North African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and cities like Johannesburg, Lagos, Dakar, Dar Es Salaam, Niamey, Nairobi and Cape Town have now decided to embrace the twenty-first century’s fashion statements and break the stereotype clothing styles with open arms.

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The multiple different fabric prints for the summer and winter seasons are full of colourful designs in shapes of circles, triangles, diamonds, and other trendy figures. The floral and wavy style cotton Kitenge fabric, the one popular in East, Central, and West Africa is ideal for the short dresses. Other fabrics used include the stylish patterns on the fabric of the pages. In this application, you’ll be able to pick the dress style you like the most and will enjoy having it in your closet!

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Skater and Shirt Dresses

The African skater dresses are tailored with fitting on the upper body part till the waist and from there, the fabric spreads like a skirt or frock. These dresses come in different sizes, in backless prints, and indifferent short lengths as well. You can go for the pleated short dress or the simple, plain lower short dress. The short skirts are similar dress styles that fit the body figure and give an amazing look to the wearer.

Beautiful off-the-shoulder Dresses:

The Nigerian women are inclined towards wearing off-the-shoulder dresses to enjoy the season and perk up their look. From figure-hugging to loosely fitting, and Nuvu dress; each one of them is perfect party wear that you can try.